• Pressing Instructions

    Pressing Instructions

    Instructions below are for pressing on pure cotton, pure poly or cotton/poly blend garments. Adjustments may be required for other materials.

    1) Set heat press to 140°C and use medium to firm pressure (between 40-80 psi)

    2) Press for 6-8 seconds

    3) Hot peel, i.e. peel off film immediately after pressing in a swift and flat motion

    4) Second press for a further 6-8 seconds

    5) Should you notice any glue residue, press again using greaseproof paper to lift excess glue

  • Washing, Drying & Aftercare Instructions

    Washing, Drying & Aftercare

    Please ensure to adhere to these aftercare instructions to ensure your garments' durability and longevity!

    1) Cold / cool wash only

    2) Do NOT bleach or add fabric softeners for washing

    3) Do NOT dry clean

    4) Do NOT tumble dry

    5) Do NOT iron prints

    6) Do NOT wash within 24 hours of pressing