We offer a suite of extra value-added services to our trade clients. At the moment, these are upon request only - if you need any of the services below, please get in touch with us and we'll quote you for them in relation to your specific job!

  • Cut gangsheet into individual transfers

    Cut Gangsheet into Individual Transfers

    Don't want to go through the trouble of cutting your gangsheet into individual transfers before pressing them? We can do the "dirty work" so you can focus on pressing those pretty designs on! Other suppliers charge ALOT for transfers ordered individually, but we price it as an add-on to the gangsheet purchase to stay affordable!

  • Press Your Garments For You

    Press Your Garments For You

    Perhaps you neither have a heat press nor want to expend labour on pressing? Or maybe you want to direct your attention on sales to end users? Not a problem - we can press the transfers onto your garments for you at trade prices, freeing up your time to do what you do best!

  • Trade Access to Blanks

    Trade Access to Blanks (We Press Transfers)

    Are you a small-ish uniform shop or hobbyist? Do you have limited access to blanks suppliers? If so, this may be a gamechanger! We have commercial accounts with a number of garment suppliers, so you can access blanks at trade pricing through us! Note however, we can't sell blanks undecorated - if we buy blanks for you, we'll have to press your transfers on before shipping to you!

  • Dropshipping Services

    Dropshipping Services

    Are you in the garment-printing business and facing production bottlenecks? Or perhaps you want to outsource some work? Maybe a fashion designer wanting to sell your own brand without worrying about production/shipping? We provide blind dropshipping services - we can complete your DTF jobs at trade prices, and ship directly to your customers (without our details & potentially with your branding/ packaging).