Are you a local business? Do you outsource work overseas?

We're proudly Australian! All our work (DTF transfers, cutting, pressing etc.) is conducted onsite in our Ferntree Gully (VIC) factory. That is how we can guarantee the highest quality, fast turnaround times and impeccable customer service.

How long have you been printing DTF transfers? Can I trust your product?

We've been printing DTF transfers for a few years now, ever since the technology became available mainstream! We've invested heavily into R&D and gone through kilometres of test prints to perfect our product, which we can confidently say is among the best both in Australia and worldwide. In addition, our key operators have over 40 years of printing experience - you're in good hands!

We previously printed privately for trade customers on an invitation basis only. In 2023, we decided to grow to allow ourselves to reach and help more businesses and people, and hence the brand was born!

I've had bad experiences with DTF transfers before. What makes you different?

DTF is a fairly new technology that's still evolving daily. Not every supplier is equal. Indeed, we've heard plenty of horror stories about DTF transfers gone wrong. Suppliers with zero prior experience and hacked-up modified printers. Transfers that didn't stick, or faded, cracked or peeled after washing. No aftersales support. The list goes on.

At, we believe in doing the right thing by our customers. We use only the highest quality equipment and consumables, and have invested a heap of time and money into perfecting our product. We also offer a free 2 metre gangsheet (normally $48) to ABN holders, where they can print anything to test our product and be fully comfortable with our quality before placing paid orders.

And that's what makes us stand out from all our competitors. We truly care. And you'll see that, in everything we do & how we do it.

How big is your operation - hopefully not another "one-printer" shop?

No, we're certainly not a one-man show or one-printer shop. We currently have 5 commercial DTF printers set up! We have the best equipment (and redundancies) to ensure you never suffer from delays due to printer issues or otherwise.

Can I come visit your factory?

Unfortunately, we are closed to the public. We are able to offer very affordable wholesale prices due to us operating mainly online (saving on front-facing staff and showroom space). If you're based in Melbourne and would like to discuss a collab / cooperation, we'd love to come to you! Otherwise, feel free to ring us anytime :)


How do I upload my artwork?

There are 3 options available:

1) Have a print-ready DTF gangsheet ready? Upload your gangsheet here. (Fast processing, payment on site, order added to print queue immediately)

2) Have individual pieces of print-ready designs/artwork? Use our gangsheet builder tool to create a print-ready gangsheet! You can opt to use either our Auto Builder or our Manual Gangsheet Builder. (Fast processing, payment on site, order added to print queue immediately)

3) Place a manual order with your images and instructions (e.g. quantities of each artwork file required), and we'll create a gangsheet for you. (Manual processing, we invoice you directly, order added to print queue after payment is received and artwork approved)

What format does my artwork need to be in?

We accept artwork online in .png format only (.pdf, .ai or .eps also acceptable if you're placing a manual order). Artwork should be at least 300dpi (the higher the resolution, the better the print quality), and have a transparent background. Do NOT mirror your image.

What size should my artwork be?

- Must be exactly 58cm wide, and no more than 5m in height.
- All images on the gangsheet should be to scale.
- You can mix and match designs of any size on your gangsheet.
- Please ensure to leave approx 5mm - 10mm between each image, to allow yourself room to cut!

Individual Artwork:
- Any size up to 58cm wide.
- Popular individual artwork sizes are 8cm x 8cm or 10cm x 10cm pocket prints, and 28cm x 28cm.
- Please ensure to leave a 5mm allowance around each image to avoid truncating them!

Do you have any artwork limitations? Can I print anything?

With DTF technology, you can print literally anything. Photos, full colour images, graphics. The only limitations are metallic & fluorescent / neon colours. Our DTF printers use water-based inks, and are unable to achieve metallic or fluorescent / neon effects.

Can you help me resize my artwork?

For online orders, we are unable to resize the artwork on your gangsheet - we take all uploaded file as print-ready!

However, if you place an order manually, we can certainly help you size your artwork. Simply specify the desired width, and we will scale your image proportionally to the width specified (height will auto adjust to keep the image to scale).

***What should I look out for when supplying artwork?

Good question! There are a few key things to watch out for:

1) Resolution of artwork - we recommend at least 300dpi (changing resolution in PS, Illustrator or Canva from 96dpi to 300dpi doesn't work or count!) Poor quality/resolution can result in blurry/pixelated prints and potentially the white underbase peeking outside the edges of your artwork.

2) Ensure that your artwork does not have any semi-transparency or translucent pixels. Semi-transparency generally is not compatible with DTF printing, as we can't print transparent pixels, and what often happens is you can have uneven glue marks or other unexpected issues.

3) Avoid extremely thin standalone lines/text. The industry standard for minimum width of a line/text is 0.5mm (or 5px). Extremely thin lines that do not meet the above requirements may not adhere as they do not have enough surface area for the powder/ glue. Even if they do, you may lose some after washing.

Note that we assume all artwork provided is print-ready, and do not carry out additional checks before printing. We are unable to take any responsibility for bad print quality if it arises due to poor quality artwork being supplied. Remember, the quality of your transfers are only as good as the quality of artwork you provide!

Can I use copyrighted artwork?

The short answer is no. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the rights to use the images you provide. We are unable to print any copyrighted material provided.

We note, however, that we are unable to check every piece of artwork provided to verify if they contain copyrighted images. By using our printing service, you accept that we shall bear no liability in respect of any copyrighted images used, and that you shall be fully responsible in the case of any copyright infringement disputes.


I'm not very tech savvy. Do you take manual orders offline?

Absolutely! We understand the website ordering process can be quite confusing for some, and definitely do take manual orders as well!

If you'd like to place a manual order, simply follow the instructions here. Or just email / chat with us on what you need done. Don't be shy - we're here to help!

Do you only accept orders in gangsheets? How about other sizes?

Yes, we only accept gangsheet orders (58cm wide by whatever length required, in 1m increments). We do not supply other sizes (A3, A4 etc.), which are normally used by hobbyists rather than for commercial production. By accepting orders in just the one size, we are able to enjoy economies of scale, and pass on cost savings to you via lower prices compared to our competitors.

Do you have any minimum order quantities?

No minimum quantities whatsoever! Order only what you need, when you need it. Our gangsheets are sold in 58cm width x 100cm lengths, so just fill up at least a metre to get maximum value for money.

How many prints can I get on a gangsheet?

It depends on the length of your gangsheet, and the size of your artwork. It's simple to calculate - just remember to allow about 1cm between images for ease of cutting later!

As reference, on a 58cm x 200cm gangsheet, you can fit the following:
- 132 prints of 8cm x 8cm ($0.36 each)
- 90 prints of 10cm x 10cm ($0.53 each)
- 44 prints of 28cm x 8cm ($1.09 each)
- 14 prints of 28cm x 28cm ($3.43 each)

Remember, you can mix and match designs and sizes on your gangsheet!

Shipping & Turnaround Times

What are your turnaround times?

We are proud to have some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry!

Regular 24H Turnaround Time:
- Orders placed by 5pm will be dispatched (or ready for collection) by Close of Business the next business day.

Priority Processing Turnaround Time:
- Rush orders placed before 12pm will be dispatched (or ready for collection) by Close of Business same business day.
- Rush orders placed after 12pm will be dispatched (or ready for collection) by Close of Business the next business day.

- Large orders (>50m) may require some additional time - please contact if unsure.
- Orders must be paid in full before dispatch.
- Should we notice issues in your artwork that require confirmation/changes on your end, the cut-offs above shall apply from the time we receive your confirmation/ new artwork.

Who do you use for shipping? What are their delivery timeframes?

We mainly use Australia Post to deliver our orders. From time to time, we may use a different carrier as required.

Australia Post delivery timeframes are currently as follows:
Standard Post: 2-6 business days
Express Post: 1-3 business days
For more information, kindly refer to:

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee delivery times. What we do guarantee is that your orders will be printed and dispatched per our published turnaround times (for both regular and priority processing orders)!

What packaging is used for shipping? What if my order arrives damaged?

We pack all DTF transfers in sturdy built-to-purpose cardboard boxes. They are sent out with fragile tags, to ensure gentler handling. Despite this, we cannot guarantee that no damage will occur during the shipping process, nor will we be responsible for it.

For your peace of mind, you can purchase our Postage Insurance at a small cost. With this insurance, you are covered against loss, damage and theft. Should anything go wrong in the delivery process, we'll reprint and resend to you at no extra cost!

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment. We are currently working on the local market, but we will certainly look at expanding internationally when we have the capacity.

Application & Aftercare

How do I apply the transfer?

Please find instructions on how to apply our transfers here. It's very easy - you just need a heat press!

How does the hot peel film you use differ from the 'usual' cold peel film?

We're glad you asked! Well, with our hot peel film you can (and should) peel the film off immediately after pressing, unlike cold-peel film where you have to wait for roughly 30 seconds before peeling. This translates to huge time savings and efficiency gains compared to a process using cold peel film.

Can I use an iron or Cricut instead of a heat press?

We highly recommend using only proper commercial heat presses to ensure the proper application and subsequent longevity of your transfer and garment. This is because transfers require a combination of pressure and heat to correctly apply.

Some have tried using irons and Cricuts with varying levels of success, but one thing is for sure - the effect will never be as good as using a commercial press.

We can only vouch for the durability of your transfers and garments if you apply the transfers using a proper heat press.

What materials can I apply my transfers to?

DTF transfers are extremely versatile and work with a large range of materials, including cotton, polyester, blends, nylon, spandex, denim, leather, twill, canvas, hessian, neoprene, wood and cardboard. Just be careful with water/wind resistant garments which have chemical coatings that don't react well with the water-based inks on our transfers.

Crazy range, huh? That's the reason DTF is taking the garment printing market by storm!

Why are the transfers not adhering to my garments?

Successful application of DTF transfers is a function of heat and pressure. If you're setting your heat press to the recommended temperature, chances are that there's an issue with the pressure. Most likely, you're not using enough pressure or pressure is being applied unevenly.

Try increasing the pressure on your press, or use a heat press pillow if dealing with uneven surfaces. That should fix it. If you continue to have issues, reach out to us!

How should I care for my garments after applying the transfers?

Quality DTF transfers like ours are generally very resilient. Taking care of your garments after pressing the transfers on is pretty simple! Just follow these rules, and you'll be fine.

VIP Membership & Bulk Discounts

I'm looking at placing regular bulk orders. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Absolutely! We love to provide savings, value and benefits to our loyal customers.

The way we offer bulk discounts is through the form of VIP gift cards, which we offer at a discount off face value, and which you can use to print on demand with no expiry.

We offer the following VIP gift cards:
- Bronze VIP (Pay $475, get $500)
- Silver VIP (Pay $900, get $1000)
- Gold VIP (Pay $1680, get $2000)
- Black VIP (Pay $3850, get $5000)

The more credit you pre-purchase, the more discount you get! Gift cards can be used to pay for both purchases and shipping.

Do I get any VIP benefits apart from the discount?

Definitely. Holders of our VIP gift cards have access to amazing perks - priority treatment, free shipping insurance and colour assurance protection. Find out more here.

I've run out of credit. Do I still enjoy the VIP benefits?

Unfortunately, no. VIP benefits are only available to customers using their VIP gift card as mode of payment. Time to lock in more discounts and VIP benefits by buying a new VIP gift card, mate!

Technical Questions

What printers & consumables do you use?

We use top-of-the-range commercial grade DTF printers, and quality consumables (ink, film and adhesive powder). We've spared no effort and expense on test prints to develop our "secret recipe" of consumables which produces transfers of the highest quality.

In short, it's a trade secret. Just sit back and enjoy our durable, soft and vibrant transfers!

How do you ensure colour accuracy? Will my transfers look identical to my digital artwork?

We're serious about colour accuracy. We use a I1 Publisher Pro 3 spectrophotometer to calibrate colours on all our printers, to ensure that you get the closest possible colour to your digital image as possible! For the more technically minded, with our print profile we are able to take RGB images and convert to CMYK accurately.

If you're still concerned about colour accuracy, we can send you a colour swatch which you can use to match colours, for a small fee of $20.

How does DTF compare against other established print methods?

The key buzzwords here is flexibility and simplicity. DTF is amazingly versatile and easy to use.

Comparison with screenprinting:
- DTF allows you to print full colour, gradients and photos.
- DTF makes it possible to scale your designs.
- DTF allows you to mix and match designs & artwork.
- DTF allows you to print short runs cost-efficiently, with no minimum quantities.

Comparison with Direct to Garment (DTG):
- DTF allows you to print on many different materials.
- DTF doesn't require any pre-treatments.
- DTF can be printed beforehand and pressed onto garments at your chosen timing.
- DTF allows you to print short runs cost efficiently, with no minimum quantities.

Comparison with Vinyl (HTV):
- DTF removes the need for extremely time consuming weeding.

In additional to the above advantages, DTF also holds its own in terms of durability and feel. There are still other areas where traditional print methods have an advantage (e.g. screenprinting is still much more cost effective for very long runs), however DTF is doubtlessly cementing its place as the "print method of the future".